Pablo Atchugarry

Uruguay, b.1954

Installation view III of the exhibition "Eternal City, eternal marbles" at the Museum of the Imperial Fora

Installation view at the MUBE (Museu Brasieleiro da Escultura), São Paulo, 2014.

Installation view of the exhibition "Eternal City, eternal marbles" at the Museum of the Imperial Fora

Dreaming of Peace, 50th Venice Biennale, 2003.

Untitled, 2013. Bronze with black patina, 150 x 42 x 32 cm.

Untitled, 2014. Bronze with green patina, 75 x 17 x 15 cm.

Installation view II at the MUBE (Museu Brasieleiro da Escultura), São Paulo, 2014.

Installation view III at the MUBE (Museu Brasieleiro da Escultura), São Paulo, 2014.

Installation view of "Dreaming New York" at Times Square, New York City, 2012.

Installation view II of the exhibition "Eternal City, eternal marbles" at the Museum of the Imperial Fora

By 1989, he also made monumental pieces that are now part of private and public collections in America and Europe. In 1996 he executed the sculpture "Semilla de la esperanza" [The seed of hope] for the park of the Libertad Building, the seat of the Government of Uruguay. In 1999, the Pablo Atchugarry Museum was founded in Lecco, exhibiting work spanning his entire career and housing all of the artist's bibliographic documentation and archives.

In 2001, the Province of Milan organised a retrospective exhibition of his work "Las infinitas evoluciones del mármol" [The infinite evolutions of marble], in the Isimbardi Palace in Milan. That same year, he sculpted the monument titled the "Obelisco del tercer milenio" [Obelisk of the Third Millennium], a 6-metre high sculpture in Carrara marble for the Italian city of Manzano (Udine), and he was commissioned to make the monument "Civilización y cultura del trabajo de Lecco" [Civilisation and the work ethos of Lecco], a 6-metre high sculpture in Carrara marble that weighs in at thirty tonnes.

In 2002, in Carrara, he was honoured with the "Michelangelo" award in recognition of his career as an artist, and he continued to work on different pieces, including the "Ideales" [Ideals] sculpture, which stands on Princess Grace Avenue in Monaco, created for the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Prince Rainier of Monte Carlo.

In 2003 he participated in the 50th Venice Biennial with the work "Soñando la paz" [Dreaming Peace], a sculptural work consisting of eight pieces, five of them in Carrara statue marble and three in bardiglio marble from Garfagnana. That same year he sculpted the "Ascención" [Ascension] work for the Franc Daurel Foundation of Barcelona.

In 2004 he made the "Energía Vital" [Vital Energy] sculpture in Rosa Portugal marble for the Davidoff Cancer Hospital of the Belinson Centre in Petak Tikva, Israel. In 2005, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires organised an exhibition of his work.

In June 2006, the Groningen Museum and Concert Hall of Bruges, Belgium, arranged a major retrospective. Between 2007 and 2008, a retrospective and travelling exhibition of his work was organised in Brazil. The exhibition, titled "El espacio plástico de la luz" [The plastic space of light], presented by Luca Massimo Barbero, was exhibited in the Banco do Brazil Cultural Centre in Brasilia, the MUBE (Brasilian Sculpture Museum) of San Pablo and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum of Curitiba.

In 2008, the National Museum of Visual Arts of Montevideo organised an exhibition of his body of work over the last 15 years. In 2009 he made the sculpture "Luz y Energía de Punta del Este" [Light and Energy of Punta del Este], a 5-metre-high piece in Carrara statue marble for the city of Punta del Este.

Between 2009 and 2011 he developed the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation in Manantiales, creating an international sculpture park and new exhibition and didactic spaces for the dissemination and teaching of art, which is visited by thousands of students every year. In 2011, the Groningen Bruges Museum purchased the 3-metre-high work executed in the course of 1999 in Carrara statue marble.

At the end of 2013 Electa Mondadori finished editing the General Catalogue of sculpture, including all of Atchugarry’s artistic processes from 1971 and 2013, curated by the professor Carlo Pirovano.


His work is exhibited at the following museums and public institutions: the National Museum of Visual Arts of Montevideo, Parco Museum of Parco de Portofino, Lercaro Museum of Bologna, Collection of the Province of Milan, Palazzo Isimbardi, Collection of the Province of Lecco, Franc Daurel Foundation in Barcelona Groningen Museum in Bruges, Berardo Collection in Portugal, Perez Art Museum in Miami, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk.

 Atchugarry's works are auctioned in Christies and Sotheby's in London, New York, Paris and Amsterdam. His sculptures are part of public and private collections in the United States, England, Mexico, Italy, France, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Columbia, Luxembourg, Panama, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Israel, Lebanon, Venezuela, Peru, Germany, Poland, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Korea, Princedom of Monaco, etc.

He is currently living and working in the city of Lecco, Italy, and in Manantiales, Uruguay.