Minding My Own Busines (Detail)

Constellation, 2012.

Paper Bag (Prada), 2016.

Notice-Forest, Flat Apple Bag (Detail)

Constallation (Detail)

Notice-Forest, Apple Bag (Detail)

Yuken Teruya is a Japanese born New York based artist who creates artworks based on memories of his homeland Okinawa. His creations reflect on the untouched nature of his island, which he recreates in his paper bags’ constellations and paper forest series.

Teruya uses discarded shopping bags from the main retails brands of frenetic Manhattan, as well as Dollar bills, Monopoly bills, toilet paper rolls and McDonald’s bags.

The fascination toward nature -that has been present since the origins of Mankind- is expressed here through the use of discarded material, and this controversial choice creates a poetic yet twisted dynamic within the artworks.