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Located in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay, the Piero Atchugarry is a contemporary art gallery effective on primary and secondary market. The gallery was founded in September 2013 with an exhibition comprised of Post-War Italian art. On January 5, 2014 the gallery moved to a larger space in Garzón, occupying an old converted stable. This location represents an interesting challenge in displaying contemporary art due to the architecture of the gallery.


In December 2013 the gallery began a program of residences. Artists from all over the world are invited to regenerate and create specific artworks inspired by the calm and beauty of the Uruguayan landscape and nature. As of today the following artists have participated in this program: Raffaele Rossi (Italy, b. 1958), Daniel Papaleo (Argentina, b. 1968) and Humberto Cazorla (Venezuela, b. 1953), Octavio Podesta (Uruguay, b. 1929), Diego Santurio (Uruguay, b. 1977), Peter Schwickerath (Germany, b. 1942), Luca Benites (Brazil, b. 1981) and Veronica Vazquez (Uruguay, b. 1970). The program aims to educate the public on artistic processes by converting the gallery into an artist studio. Visitors are welcome to come and explore artistic practices in situ, as well as to meet and exchange ideas with the artists. Each visiting artist develops a body of work in Garzón and creates a site-specific installation for the sculpture park of 22 hectars (54 acres) surrounding the gallery, leaving a permanent memory of his or her passage.


By December 2018 the gallery will open a second location, expanding in the United States and occupying a warehouse of 1000 square meters on 5520 NE 4th Avenue in the heart of Little Haiti, Miami. This upcoming artistic area will be an exciting location to promote international contemporary art and foster careers of emerging and established artists.

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