4th November, 2015
ArtsLife: Artissima, at the starting line. Focus on New Entries, by Giulia Colletti

Visit web [ www.artslife.com/2015/11/04/artissima-ai-nastri-di-partenza-focus-sulle-new-entries/ ]

4th November, 2015
Artsy Editorial: In the Hands of Two Light Artists, Piero Atchugarry’s Artissima Booth Shines, by Bridget Gleeson

Visit web [ www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-in-the-hands-of-two-light-artists-piero-atchugarry-s-artissima-booth-shines ]

26th October, 2015
El Observador: Pablo Atchugarry: "Esta retrospectiva es un justísimo homenaje",Carmen Molina Tamacas

Visit web [ www.elobservador.com.uy/pablo-atchugarry-esta-retrospectiva-es-un-justisimo-homenaje-n687893 ]

26th October, 2015

Visit web [ thefashionplatemag.com/2015/10/26/22nd-edition-of-the-artissima-contemporary-art-fair/ ]

2nd September, 2015
arteconomy24 ilsole24ore: ArtVerona annuncia la lista delle gallerie, by Silvia Anna Barrilà

Visit web [ www.arteconomy24.ilsole24ore.com/news/news.php?id=1415&t=artverona-annuncia-la-lista-delle-gallerie&refresh_ce=1 ]

4th August, 2015
Artnet News: Pablo Atchugarry, Modern Master of Carrara Marble, Fits Right in Amid Roman Ruins, by Sarah Cascone

Visit web [ news.artnet.com/art-world/pablo-atchugarry-modern-master-carrara-marble-shines-amid-roman-ruins-321397 ]

29th June, 2015
Artsy Editorial: Wade Kramm’s Dotted Lines Transform Space, Challenge Perception, by Bridget Gleeson

Visit web [ www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-wade-kramm-s-dotted-lines-transform-space-challenge ]

29th June, 2015
BLOUINARTINFO: ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul Announces 2015 Gallery List, by Nicholas Forrest

Visit web [ www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1189090/artinternational-istanbul-announces-2015-gallery-list# ]

26th June, 2015
Arteinformado: La Generalitat apoya a doce galerías de Art Barcelona en ArtInternational Istanbul, by Gustavo Perez Diez

Visit web [ www.arteinformado.com/magazine/n/la-generalitat-apoya-a-doce-galerias-de-art-barcelona-en-artinternational-istanbul-4752 ]

11th May, 2015
HYPERALLERGIC: Your Concise Guide to Frieze Week 2015, by Benjamin Sutton

Visit web [ hyperallergic.com/205951/your-concise-guide-to-frieze-week-2015/ ]

8th May, 2015
Financial Times: Satellite fairs during Frieze week in New York, by Gareth Harris

Visit web [ www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/28e5a00a-ea67-11e4-96ec-00144feab7de.html ]

5th May, 2015
ARTFIX daily: Art Miami New York Highlights

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8th April, 2015
Artsy Editorial: Verónica Vázquez’s Meditative Metal Sculptures Consider the Relationship Between Man and Machine, by Bridget Gleeson

Visit web [ www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-veronica-vazquez-s-meditative-metal-sculptures-consider-the ]

1st April, 2015
ARTE!Brasileiros: Especial SP-Arte: Alta Performance, by Victor Santos

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29th March, 2015
ArtfixDaily: Exhibitor List Announced for Inaugural Art Miami New York Fair

Visit web [ www.artfixdaily.com/artwire/release/7720-exhibitor-list-announced-for-inaugural-art-miami-new-york-fair ]

4th March, 2015
DASartes: Conheça as galerias participantes da 11ª edição da SP-Arte

Visit web [ dasartes.com.br/pt_BR/noticias/conheca-as-galerias-participantes-da-11a-edicao-da-sp-arte ]

23rd January, 2015
Artnet:Take a Spin Through Art Stage Singapore 2015

Visit web [ news.artnet.com/in-brief/take-a-spin-through-art-stage-singapore-2015-232075 ]

23rd January, 2015
ArtAsiaPacific: ART STAGE SINGAPORE 2015, by Marybeth Stock

Visit web [ artasiapacific.com/Blog/ArtStageSingapore2015 ]

16th January, 2015
ARTEINFORMADO: SP-Arte 2015 registra ligeros cambios en su sector General

Visit web [ www.arteinformado.com/magazine/n/sp-arte-2015-registra-ligeros-cambios-en-su-sector-general-4463 ]

13th January, 2015
CMAIS: SP-Arte anuncia galerias participantes da 11ª edição do evento

Visit web [ cmais.com.br/arte-e-cultura/noticias/sp-arte-anuncia-galerias-participantes-da-11-edicao-do-evento ]