(t, x, y, z)

Piero Atchugarry Gallery presents a satellite exhibition in Miami’s Design District, celebrating
four contemporary Latin American sculptors.

(t, x, y, z)
incites a dialogue between contemporary Latin American sculptors Verónica Vázquez
(1970, Uruguay), Pablo Rasgado (1984, Mexico), Artur Lescher (1962, Brazil) and Túlio Pinto
(1974, Brazil)

EXHIBITION DATE: May 25, 2020- June 25, 2020
PLACE: Palm Court,
Suite 102/202
140 NE 39th St, Miami, FL 33137


The Piero Atchugarry Gallery presents (t, x, y, z), a group exhibition of contemporary LatinAmerican sculptors Verónica Vázquez, Pablo Rasgado, Artur Lescher and Túlio Pinto. Hailing from Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil respectively, each of the four artists has a signature sculptural practice that redefines our understanding of time, space and gravity.

Uruguay-based artist Verónica Vázquez weavesand suspends her ruggedmaterials, such as cardboard and iron, creating formal rhythms through negative space.

Mexico City-based artist Pablo Rasgado reinterprets found materials, taking deconstructed buildings and reorganizing their pieces to create sculptures that then serve as an index of their original context.

Porto Alegre-based artist Túlio Pinto works to establish a conflicting yet symbiotic relationship between his materials, blown glass and steel. Blown glass appears to be frozen in a moment of pressure between steel restraints, yet that pressure seems to slowly escape like air out of a tire.

São Paulo-based artist Artur Lescher alters the viewer's sense of gravity, suspending and upholding pieces in unusual ways that capture his simplistic approach.

An abbreviation of the four dimensions as understood in the theory of special relativity, (t, x, y, z), presents four sculptors operating at the intersection of time and space. The traditional sculpture in the round is presented in three dimensional form, intended to be circulated and observed by a viewer. The variables of light and the physical viewpoint of the spectator form a gestalt that yields the human perception of what a sculpture is. (T, x, y, z) reverses the encounter between sculpture and viewer, so that the viewer's preconceptions of temporality and spatial relationships are shaped by the sculptures themselves. Pablo Rasgado and Túlio Pinto freeze and displace their sculptures in time, entangling the viewer in an amalgamation of past, present and future.Suspended and free standing sculptures by Artur Lescher and Verónica Vázquez defy gravity and manipulate negative space, prescribing a new order of physics to be observed by the viewer. Human association becomes subject to the rules of space and time as laid out by the autonomous sculpture.

PIERO ATCHUGARRY GALLERY | MIAMI 5520 NE 4th Avenue Miami FL 33137 http://www.pieroatchugarry.com/

Occupying two stories of a Palm Court storefront in Miami's Design District, (t, x, y, z) is aPA Takeover satellite exhibition. While Miami begins its transition back into public life, (t, x, y, z) will be open by May 25, 2020, with social distancing measures in place




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