Verónica Vázquez: Subtle balances


Subtle balances is a poetic dialogue between the composition and the materials of Vázquez's art works, and the space that gives form to them.


Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Garzón, Uruguay, is pleased to present a solo show of the latest works by Verónica Vazquez, opening October 12, 2014. Please join us for the opening reception on October 12th, Camino a Izcua 1543 2, Tierra Garzón, Uruguay.

“The steel and the space, the object and the void, become one and the same” -Richard Serra, 2001.

In 2001, a few days before the inauguration of an exhibition in the Gagoasian Gallery, the journalist Charlie Rose interviewed the sculptor Richard Serra. Some spontaneous aphorisms arisen in this conversation; one of them is the starting point of this brief text, and it is also an introduction, a way of communication and a "space" to take contact with Veronica Vázquez art.

The sculptures and material compositions of Verónica Vázquez offer the possibility of reveal the false importance that exist between the objects, the matter, and the space. They show that is impossible to separate the "thing" and the matter of its space, its world. To Richard Serra, the sculpture and the space cannot be divided because he considers them a unique thing. The fusion and the bond between the metal and the space in which Veronica's work exists, breaks all the physics rules. The art is the way where the metal loses its weight and the sculptures lose their physical qualities when they join the space.

The sculptures and the compositions become "light". It does not make sense here to talk about of the delineation of the negative space of the sculpture, as we can award to Henry Moore Sculptures. Verónica Vázquez work blurs its weight and physical appearance. On the other side, the union between the "object and the void" is the spotlight in the surface of her sculptures and compositions. Here the wearing down of the material and the corrosion do not want to express the "poetic of the footprint" as we can denote in the work of some artists of the period interwar, such as Antoni Tapies or Alberto Burri.

The surface oxide of the sculptures and composition elements that appear in Veronica's work, show the relationship and the dialogue between the composition, the poetic and the materials of the pieces of art and the space that gives form to them. This suggests two issues. The corrosion and the wearing down of the material expose the tension and the immanent resistance in the union of piece of work and space. It means that Veronica's work shows the resistance of the object respect this conjunction with space as the result of the fusion: object and void.

Concluding, in Veronica's art we can talk about a "poetic of the footprint", but in this case the footprint is generated by the space. Her work is the product of the process of union between sculpture/composition and the space, which forms them and at the same time is formed by them.

Veronica's art is a manifestation of the extinction and wearing down that occurs between the art and the space.

- Nicolas Sarian, London, 2014.


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