Wade Kramm: Fragments of Reality


A solo show of Wade Kramm's series Dotted Planes & Dotted Spaces, this exhibition invites viewers into a space activated by Minimalism and Geometrical Abstraction.


Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Garzón, Uruguay, is pleased to announce a solo show of the series Dotted Planes & Dotted Spaces by Wade Kramm, opening June 11, 2015.

Wade Kramm’s installations brilliantly combine Minimalism and Geometrical Abstraction to reshape the space in which the viewer engages. He materializes planes and spaces out of the void, thus obliging the viewer to reassess the very notion of space and absoluteness. The phenomenological experience balances between the emerging sharp forms and the pleasing discovery of new spaces within the space. After receiving his MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Wade Kramm concentrated his on his artistic and lecturer career. He has shown nationally in museums and university galleries, and lives between Pittsburg and New York.

"Space is the primary medium of my work. I am not creating any new forms, only revealing the space that is already there. My interests stem from a fascination with the two-dimensional surfaces that co-exist and overlap our three-dimensional world, yet are not quite a part of our space, such as shadows, cast light and reflections. My work strives to compete with architecture, not by adding more materials, but rather though our perception of the space. The dotted line suggests that there is the possibility of infinite demarcations of negative space in an empty room. The perceptual process of willing yourself to see it makes it more real".

Wade Kramm


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