GARZÓN, Uruguay

Piero Atchugarry gallery presents a contemporary art program and modern art survey. With locations in Garzón, Uruguay, and Miami, Florida, the gallery focuses mostly on the primary market and the promotion of art internationally and therefore it represents artists from Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Uruguay, United States and Venezuela.

The gallery opened to the public in September 2013 with a Post-War Italian art exhibition. By January 2014 the gallery moved to a large stable adapted as an exhibition space in Garzón. In this space the program allowed for outdoor and indoor proposal exploration, through the creation of dialogue between architectural features and curatorial practices. In the same year the gallery began a program of residencies where artists from all over the world are invited to regenerate and create specific artworks inspired by the calm and beauty of the Uruguayan landscape.


In December 2018, the program expanded to North America with a second location, restoring a 9000 square foot warehouse on 5520 NE 4th Avenue near the Design District neighborhood. Built in 1955 and reimagined by Miami-based architect Diana Boytell and Uruguay-based architect Leonardo Noguez, the building retains some of its original industrial qualities. The participation of the gallery in what is a boiling art community that connects Europe, Latin America and both coasts of the United States represents the commitment of the program to support and present the work of local and international artists with an institutional approach.


Since 2013 the gallery began a program of residencies. The program supports large scale proposals that interact within the context of the sculpture garden.

The program is academic and dedicated for the general public to access the artistic and production process of the resident by offering an open door studio at the gallery. Artists stay in residence at the studio in Garzón to  develop a body of work that includes a site-specific and permanent installation for the sculpture garden, an open area with an extension of 54 acres surrounding the gallery.

Resident artists include: Raffaele Rossi (Italy, b. 1958), Daniel Papaleo (Argentina, b. 1968) and Humberto Cazorla (Venezuela, b. 1953), Octavio Podesta (Uruguay, b. 1929), Diego Santurio (Uruguay, b. 1977), Peter Schwickerath (Germany, b. 1942), Luca Benites (Brazil, b. 1981), Veronica Vazquez (Uruguay, b. 1970) and Tulio Pinto (Brazil, b. 1974).


In 2019 Piero Atchugarry established the PA Takeover Program, organizing satellite exhibitions across the globe. The program challenges the gallery’s represented artists to think on their feet, adapting to new environments and creating site-specific exhibitions.



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